The constant search for an increase in quality of the products and services provided by Barboflex is one of its development guidelines.

Under the motto "if better is possible, doing well is not enough", Barboflex involved all its team in a process that culminated, in September 2005, in obtaining the Quality Certification under the EN NP ISO 9001 standard, awarded in the wholesale and retail marketing of machinery, tools, flexible pipes and terminals, industrial parts and accessories. Due to strategic internal changes the certificate for January 2021 was not renewed, however all our processes were maintained and the quality of our service guaranteed. During the first half of 2022 we aim to renew the ISO9001:2015 standard certification. It implements and improves effectiveness through a quality management system, to increase customer satisfaction and meet their objectives:

  • Focus on meeting customer needs: providing the best products / services, finding the best solutions for customers 

  • Continuous improvement of work processes, excellence at all levels and commitment to the training of its employees

  • Reinforcing partnerships with the best suppliers, in order to guarantee customers the best solution and the best value for money

Certification allows the improvement of a set of organizational processes, with impact in all areas of the company, which leads to a better service provided to all its clients.

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